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Belc Supermarket, Tsurugashima Branch

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  • Saitama

    Low Price and Better Quality

    Price: 500 yen

    The motto of the Belc Supermarket is displayed proudly and boldly on the front of their stores. They claim to offer "Low Price and Better Quality" and in my personal experience they do a fairly good job of staying true to their promise. However, I find their meat quite expensive in comparison to other supermarkets in this area of Saitama. Whether the quality is better or not, its hard to tell, but their fruit and vegetable quality is better than some. They have a few things that do set them apart from others;

    The deli in the Belc in Tsurugashima is the best quality for price that I know of. It may have a lot to do with this branch being metres away from Belc company's headquarters. They sell freshly made, delicious obentos, sandwiches and other lunch sets from local produce for a lot less money than anywhere else I know. The deli is extremely popular, but it is kept well stocked with fresh produce arriving as stocks get low. They also have a nice fresh bakery with a good selection of breads and baked goods. They have allergy information on display for most items. A lot of Belc's food is domestically produced, but they do have some international produce too. They have a really decent free recycling section at the front of the store. There is a service desk near the door that offers a lot of extras such as seasonal colouring pictures for children. The toilets are large and clean with baby keeps and changing area. 

    The Supermarket is located off main route 407. They have parking for 340 cars and it is free. They are open from 9 in the morning until midnight. 


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