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  • helloalissa

    on Dec 20

    Thai Food!

    I heard this restaurant was amazing from my friend, so we made plans to go there together for dinner. I get the feeling Sawaddhi caters to the office workers in the neighborhood, as it's in the downtown city center of Kurume and not far from the city hall.

    I was curious about their much lower priced lunch menu, but didn't have time to go at lunchtime. It looks like smaller portioned bento type meals for lunch.

    We guessed the portions would be small, as they typically are at Thai places. We let our friends who had been before choose what to order based on what they liked, as long as there was a variety of dishes. Since there were four of us, we ordered four dishes to share: an appetizer salad type marinated meat dish, a coconut soup, a spicy meat dish (similar to the appetizer), and pad Thai.

    I noticed that rice didn't come with the meal, and didn't remember seeing an option to order rice. I guess I'm used to getting rice with a main dish at Thai places in the US. It would have been nice with the soup.

    The food was really nice and it was good to have Thai food with more variety than the other place I like. We still felt like we could eat more (maybe because of no rice?) so we had dessert back home. The dishes are around 1000 yen each at dinnertime, but I'd recommend ordering more than one per person when you have a group of hungry people or big eaters.

    There are juices and alcohol available as well. The water cups look like silver chalices. Smoking is permitted inside the small restaurant. Another visitor was smoking while we ate, but I couldn't even smell it, which is fortunate.

    Sawaddhi is very close to Kurume City Plaza and Kurumeria, a ten minute walk from Nishitetsu Kurume Station, or next to Mutsumon bus stop. It looks fairly boring on the outside but is full of Thai and Buddhist art and nice inside. There are only around seven small tables so I'd check in advance for parties of more than four people.

    Open Monday-Saturday, 11:00-15:00; 18:00-23:30

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