Coto Language Academy

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  • smallbigjapan

    on Nov 6

    Fun, Friendly, and Nice Setting

    Studying Japanese is important when you live in the country. What you really need is a nice fun, friendly, and open school to Stepien. You also want friendly staff and teachers who make Learning fun and easy.

    I was on the search for Japanese language schools for a while before I came across this language school. Outs of all the language schools that I had gone in to see and take the trial lesson at the Coto Language Academy for me was easily the best.

    The teachers and the staff a very approachable. That are loads of different types of courses that you can do. You couldn't stop from complete beginner or go straight to advance so which of a level that you feel you are most comfortable with, but they also do level check you.

    All the prices are reasonable and you can choose which course suits you.

    In addition to all of their courses You can also indulge in that extra curricular activities. All the activities are be bilingual  because they are mixed ability classes. The extracurricular activities classes include calligraphy, cooking, and sold classes. You can also attend outside extracurricular activities as well. You can gohiking across the mountains, spa days, karaoke, dinner, and become involved in festivals.

    The Academy aims to match the phone or in all types of activities that exposes them to Japanese in different ways. All of the staff are bilingual. 

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