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  • JTsuzuki

    Newest Import Store in the Basement of Sendai Station

    A surprise upon a recent trip to Sendai, this shop is new to me. Near Bagel Bagel and the S-PAL Kitchen area in the basement level of Sendai station, this store offers an interesting array of snacks, drinks, spices, candies, and other basic import-store-goods from a variety of countries. The prices are comparable to other import stores in the area, but the selection may be a little different. If you're looking for imported food and drink in Sendai Station, this is the newest of three options available within the station itself. 
    The layout is fairly convenient and the store itself is small, so exploring for what you need is not too challenging and the aisles are even wide enough that bringing a stroller or wheelchair is not as much of a hindrance as it can be on other shops.

    Their refrigerated section is something to look for, and I found their selection of almond milk and juice boxes well worth the time and money. They also boast an interesting selection of beer and wine.


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