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  • Saitama

    The least attractive of Ageo's parks

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    Hiratsuka Park is not a great park overall, but the adventure playground in the woods is quite nice and it is engaging for children who are in the lower grades of elementary school. Ageo has a great selection of parks so in comparison this one does seem rather lacking. It is grand for a quick visit or if you happen to be in the area and want to stretch your legs or give your kids a workout in the adventure playground.

    The adventure playground is one of two playgrounds in the park.  The adventure playground is the better of the two by far, but it is only suited to older children. If younger children are playing there you would need to watch them closely as there are a lot of lose twigs and branches sticking up and the climbing activities are for older children. The park is quite small with the result the two playgrounds are close to each other which is convenient when you have children of different ages with you. The other playground isn't great though. The equipment is quite old, and while its functional it doesn't look very appealing. It is more suited to smaller children. In summer there is a splash pool near both playgrounds. It is a small splash pool, but it is nice enough. 

    There are tennis courts on one side of the park, kind of separated from the main park itself. Parking is free, but quite limited. There are public toilets. There are drink vending machines. 

    This park is also listed along with other of Ageo's park on the city cost article:


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