Fujiya FC Kawajima Branch

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  • Saitama

    on Feb 5

    Peko-chan, cakes and top notch staff

    We have a few Fujiya Cake shops near us, but this is my preferred branch due to the head chef stroke manager. And the staff in general here are just the right blend of professional and friendly. They remember the customers and add a personal touch to your shopping experience. 

    The cakes are standard recipes, price and presentation across most of the branches. They make up cakes fresh that day. You can order a birthday (or other celebration) cake in advance in person or on the phone, or you can pick up a ready made cake on the spot. However, if you are picking up a ready made cake you still need to give them a few minutes to personalize the message plate they put on top of the cake and box it up. Often I will pick a cake, write what I would like them to put on the message plate, then go off shopping in the Beisia it is part of, and pick it up when I am finished. The staff don't speak English as far as I am aware, but they have written a few message plates for me in English with no problem. Usually, if I am asking them to do it in English I will write the message for them. It is not a huge branch, but they have a good selection. Instead of buying a whole cake you can opt for slices of cake that they will put in a circle to make it look like a cake. For annual events such as Christmas and Halloween they will put stickers of Peko-chan in seasonal attire on the cakes.

    They have two Peko-chan dolls at this store. One standing and one on a swing over the counter. They dress her up according to the month. 



1175-1 Kami-igusa, Kawajima Machi, Hiki Gun, Saitama 350-0152

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