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  • MamaKiyota

    Easily the biggest toy store in the Sendai Area.

    While Toys R Us and Babies R Us Japan tend to be a bit smaller than their US counterparts, they still offer a huge variety of imported and local baby and children's goods. As far as toys go, their variety tends be larger than that of stores like Akachan Honpo and Nishimatsuya. They also have a large variety of things like car seats, baby beds, clothes, strollers, and snacks.

    One of the best things about Toys R Us is that you can get imported strollers and such without having to buy online. They have some rarer items like bottles, breast pumps, and tableware that are difficult to find in other places. They also have a lot of toys that have English as well as Japanese, at least for 0-toddler years. 

    The stores are usually really lively on the weekends with a lot of children playing and running around. They also have events occasionally but it might be difficult to navigate them without Japanese. In the actual stores, there isn't any English support but for the most part, you should be okay unless you need an explanation of something.


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