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Akachan Honpo Lalaport Fujimi

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  • Saitama

    Big branch with good kids book area

    Price: 1000 yen

    I am not a big fan of Akachan Honpo in general, but I do like this branch of the chain baby and maternity store on the 2nd floor of Lalaport Mall in Fujimi. It is bigger than most in this part of Saitama and it is bright, clean and airy. The staff are very nice and efficient too. 

    The store is well laid out with all the nappy goods together beside other products and food for babies. The clothes area is on the far side of the store. There are nice wide aisles which makes it easy to navigate with a buggy / stroller. They have their own shopping trolleys with somewhere for babies to sit. You can also bring Lalaport Mall trolleys into the shop. If you are using an Akachan Honpo trolley you are supposed to leave it back before exiting the store, so if you are planning to do a bit of shopping in other parts of the mall, the lalaport trolleys are more convenient. There is a play area at the front of the store where they sell the toys and beside that is a really nice book area for kids. It has little seats for kids that are more comfortable than most with proper back support in soft material. They have a great selection of sample books out as well as some toys in this area too. 

    You can use Lalaport's free parking. This store is not near an entrance or exit to the mall, therefore it is a bit of a walk to all car parks.  The nearest parking lot is probably parking lot three. 


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