Milan Indian Restaurant

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    on Jul 11

    Tasty Indian curry in Nagasaki Station

    JR Nagasaki Station isn't the hub of activity that one might associate with train stations in other Japanese cities.  Still, the 5th floor of the attached AMU Plaza has a bunch of restaurants that stay open until around 23:00 if you're in a bit of a bind (a lot of shops seem to close early in Nagasaki).  One of them is an Indian curry restaurant.

    Milan Indian Restaurant is an open fronted space (everyone can see you in here) that almost gives the restaurant an al fresco feel despite it being in a shopping mall.  The restaurant's website has some English available using this to explain that staff at Milan Indian Restaurant can handle orders in English.

    Menus here have lots of pictures anyway, so there should be no trouble making orders whatever the language abilities of all involved.

    They do good curry sets here.  This diner went with the Chef Recommend Set at 1,550 yen - a choice of three curries, naan, rice, salad and tandoori chicken.  The naan was all-you-can-eat but weaker appetites (like mine) will be unlikely to require more.  Curries at Milan can be made to cater to spicy requirements.  This diner isn't particularly good with heat so the 2 that I ordered was just fine.

    Service here comes with a smile and is prompt.  The surroundings are comfortable and the beer tastes good.  We visited Milan Indian Restaurant fairly late but one of the reasons we chose to eat here was because there were a few other diners in the restaurant.  Despite it getting late, staff we relaxed and didn't rush us to finish our meals.

    Probably because it was getting towards the end of the day, some of the staff took to a table and started hand rolling some rice or samosas or something (maybe for their own dinner to take home).  Personally, I don't care, but some diners might not like to see this at a restaurant charging 1,000 yen + for mains.

    Not the cheapest of curries, or indeed places to eat, but if you're looking for an Indian restaurant in Nagasaki, this place seems to us (i.e me) to be a good option. 

    Hours: 11:00 - 23:00 (L.O 22:15)



樺島町1-15 Nagasaki, Nagasaki, Nagasaki 8500034

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