Hibiya Park

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  • KevinC

    on Jul 26

    One of the best parks in Tokyo?

    Tokyo's Hibiya Park might have lost a star due to the fact that this isn't one of those parks that you can go to and kick a ball around.  However, if you go in knowing this already, then I think the park can come out with 5 stars.

    Why 5?  Because it looks fantastic; a mixture of Japanese and European styles (as far as I can tell) that are equally impressive, plenty of places to sit back and relax, a manageable size, surrounded by some of Tokyo's most illustrious buildings and yet a place to get some peace and quiet, and easily accessible from metro stations.

    On top of this, Hibiya Park is host to some very quaint looking eateries, and some great events.  There's a beer festival here, the fisherman's festival, and live music pops up every now and then.  You can also find a kind of snack stand here, if the cafes are out of your budget.

    Having said that you can't kick a ball around this park, you can hit one!  With a tennis racket.  There are some courts here.

    A lot of the office workers from the surrounding towers come to take their lunch break here, and there's always someone around.  This isn't a threatening park; there are no secluded sections, and the area is very well-to-do.  That said, Hibiya Park does have political and social undertones to it, being the scene of major riots after the Japan - Russia wars in the early 20th Century.

    I my opinion, Hibiya Park is a good 'park' option for any number of occasions/situations.  Highly recommended.

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