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  • genkidesu

    on Dec 8

    Light, bright and airy supermarket - with an instore bakery and free green tea!

    If you're like me and you appreciate a supermarket that is light, bright and airy - as well as not crowded at all, then Marui is the supermarket for you. Everything in the store is laid out with plenty of space (which is a pleasant change compared to some supermarkets I've been to here!) and it makes for a really relaxing shopping experience, even with children in tow. One of the best things about shopping here has to be the instore bakery and the ready-meal section.They have a great sitting area where you can enjoy what you've purchased to eat (there are microwaves too if you have a ready meal that needs heating) and best of all there's a green tea dispenser so that you can have a cuppa and relax with that melon pan or curry pan you've just picked up. The staff are incredibly friendly too - which is always an added bonus!



4071-1 Horinouchi Uonuma-shi Niigata 949-7413

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