Rikugien Gardens

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  • smallbigjapan

    on Nov 21

    Nice for the Fall and Sakura Seasons

    It's the time of year when colours are on the turn again. Besides Sakura season, Japan has an Autumn that is rich and full of greens, reds, yellow, browns, and pink.

    Rikugien Garden in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, is one of the best gardens in Japan to view all year around. In particular during the Fall and Sakura seasons. It has traditional trees and Japanese plants, with a huge pond in the middle. 

    During the day is amazing, and at night they illuminate the garden.

    The garden opens at 9am - 5pm. At certain special times of year, they remain open to around 8pm. They have tea rooms and they sell traditional Japanese snacks.

    There is also special group rates.

    There are no English speakers at the garden, however you shouldn't really need it as they provide English maps (and other maps in different languages). If you need to ask for a map because there isn't one available, then just say 'Eigo chizu are masu ka?' They will give you a map.

    This garden really is a photogenic spot. It makes great reports for any travel writer/blogger. People generally stay there for around 2 hours. 

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