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  • Saitama

    on Sep 23

    Small, but nice views and sufficient facilities for a rest from driving

    There are two Atsugi Parking areas on the Ken-O expressway; one going toward Kanagawa (Tokyo) and the other going away from it, toward Saitama. This is the one on the way to Kanagawa from Saitama. Both are small parking areas, but they both have enough in them to offer a break from driving.

    The key feature of this parking area is the beautiful wooden deck out back with great views of the river and riverside below. The deck is quite big, there is enough space for kids to run around and there are a few places to sit. A unique feature is the sofas and TV in the centre of the women's lavatories. The toilets are all automated. There are baby keeps (a place for children under 3 to sit) in some of the toilets. There are vending machines and a food court to get food and drink. Its a small food court with only two restaurants. There is a small shop selling souvenirs.  There is one car spot for EV Rapid Charging. There are two parking areas for wheelchair users or those with lower mobility. There is a wheelchair friendly toilet. There is an AED on site. The ATM is 24 hours. Free wifi is provided in the food court area through NEXCO's free wifi program. There is a smoking area. This parking area has a Highway Information Terminal. 

    In total there is parking for 32 large vehicles and 42 medium to small sized cars. There are seven toilet cubicles for men and seventeen for women. You can get information in both Japanese and English on NEXCO's website. 

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