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  • Bella

    on Nov 26

    Bringing out the Best in Beef Tongue

    Picky about eaters might not like the idea of tasting unusual ingredients; nonetheless, Rikyu grills its Gyutan (beef tongue) to its finest and it'll be such a waste not to savor Miyagi's well-known regional dish. Though I'm not very choosy when it comes to food, it still surprised me that I enjoyed this delicacy very much. It's a plus point that it was affordable. Only costing 1,500 (for lunch and 2,500 for dinner), Rikyu's Beef Tongue set meal includes rice, soup, and of course the Gyutan. On the other hand, since it's quite popular, be prepared to line-up especially at peak hours. They have 2 branches near Sendai Station, which was both packed on the day I had my first beef tongue. I actually waited for almost 2 hours and that was during winter! Anyways, it was a hearty meal and I highly recommend it. For more information visit its website: http://www.rikyu-gyutan.co.jp/corpo/greeting.html (Japanese)

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