Anna Sui

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  • hellonihon

    on Jan 29

    Fashionable items at a high price

    Anna Sui is an American designer known for her distinctive patterns. Honestly, her designs are unique but not really my style. However, I can appreciate them and understand how they appeal to people. I visited, not because I was shopping for myself. Rather, I was looking for something for a close friend who really enjoys the brand. I felt totally lost when I first went it. It's not a large store, but there's a lot to look at. They organize things by clothing, bags, makeup, and sale items. I headed to the makeup first, but didn't find anything that caught my eye. The sale things were next because there was a big sign outside advertising some things being 50% off. I found a good deal: a pass case for 4,000 yen that was originally 10,000. It looked to be the last one so I took it to the counter. I thought they would give me the one in my hand, but they actually went to the back and brought out a new case! I was surprised but very happy. I got gift wrapping, which was an additional 400 yen but it was worth it because they had wrapped it there and it looked very cute. I saw the people in front of me got a lot of things and the cashier organized everything into a cute gift basket wrapping, so it's definitely worth it. Because of the high price of everything, the cashiers were very nice. They left you to browse, but if you had any questions they were right there assisting. And, as customary with any higher end shop, they walked around the counter to hand you the bag, and saw you out of the shop. I don't know if I'd be back again for myself, but I would go back for another gift. There was something for everyone's budget (they even had handkerchiefs on sale for under 1,000 yen) so you could find something for anyone!