Jongno Cheese Hatogu

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  • tifuani

    on May 8

    Jongno Cheese Hot Dog

    This cheese dog shop is located in Harajuku, in front of the Dr. Martens store, and as what looks like a joint street food stand with a connected kebab booth next door. Don't get the lines mixed up, since both vendors are literally right next to each other. I was really wanted to see the hype for these cheese dogs, since it has been all the craze in Korea and even recently in Japan. Like some ramen shops (like Ichiran), we had to pay with cash from a small machine. They have four different options. Their basic options were the corn dog with mozzarella cheese or a regular corn dog with sausage. Their "extra" options were with potato added on the outside of the corn dog. The corn dog with potato and mozzarella cheese was said to be the most popular. I would have gotten that, but we were planning to eat dinner right after so I didn't want to get stuffed. When the ticket was dispensed, the lady making the dogs asked to see it before standing in line. This was probably for a head count to prepare since she appeared to be the only one working at the time. We went around 7pm in the evening and there were only a few people in line before us. We didn't have to wait that long which was great. The condiments were on the side, which included a tray of sugar that you can roll your dogs in, as well as a 3-holed ketchup and mustard bottle. I think that I must have been super hungry because the cheese dog was not fulfilling. It was filling, (and good no doubt), however this is not something you should eat right before dinner and more as a snack after lunch (or dinner). I really hope that one day they decide to combine the sausage and cheese together! If you are nearby you should definitely check it out!

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