無尽蔵 Mujinzo

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Food/Drink | Avg price: ¥1000 | English Available: None (Unknown)



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  • Namakemono

    on Apr 6

    Good ramen, for that after work tiredness, or after grocery shopping fatigue

    There are a lot of good ramen restaurants in probably any neighborhood in Japan. And this is one of them. Soup is good, and they serve perfectly cooked ramen eggs.

    Serving size does not leave you wanting! So this is a great place for that ramen craving you've had because of a long day at work. 

    There is no English translation for the menu, but photographs are provided so you can easily choose without needing to ask too much. (But the staff will ask you if you'd like your noodles thick or thin.) 

    Seating can either be in booths or on the counter, so going solo is ok. But it's also good for small groups.

    This ramen restaurant is conveniently located close to a supaa (Valor), McDonald's, a go-to clothes store (Akanoren), a bookstore (KaBos) and a laundromat. So if you've biked all the way here to do your chores or shopping, then why not reward yourself with a hot bowl of good ramen?

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