Narita Airport Terminal 1

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  • Tomuu

    on Mar 1

    Great terminal but access leaves a bit to be desired

    Terminal 1 at Narita is certainly one of the better international terminal out there, for me. It's pretty well organized (although I have experienced pretty long queues at security from time to time), and has all the facilities and shops you could want from a terminal. It shouldn't really be a plus point but the smoking rooms here are good, too being as they are on the outside of the building and once you go through immigration they do a pretty good job with them in the departure areas. My one gripe with all of Narita Airport is the access, especially getting away from it when you arrive. The frequency of train services just doesn't seem to match the airport's status as a major travel hub for the largest city in the world. It's not too bad for departures when you can be pretty sure exactly of the times and schedules, but for arrivals when you can't be sure if you're landing on time, and you're likely tired and irritable anyway, missing a train by a couple of minutes and having to wait half an hour for next one isn't the best feeling in the world.

  • Saitama

    on Feb 21

    One of the best terminals in the world

    I think the general consensus for anyone who has flown a lot is that Narita Airport is one of the better ones. I personally like Terminal 1 as it is the one I am most familiar with. I think it is extremely well laid out and they really have thought of everything. There is a great selection of shops and restaurants in Terminal 1 Narita Airport. There is also so many services both landside and airside. On the landside area they have viewing decks, play areas, prayer rooms, family rooms, nurseries, smoking areas, ATMs, workspaces, massage chairs... the list goes on and on. After you've gone through security there are even more convenient services, stores and facilities which really take the edge of the journey and make it a more pleasurable experience. Inside the departures area (past security) they even have shower rooms which you can pay to use. There is a hotel where you can stay for just a couple of hours, which is particularly useful if you are in transit. The only complaint I have about Terminal 1, and it isn't enough to deduct a star, is that the passport control area is often crowded and can move quite slowly. If you give yourself plenty of time to get through security and passport control this does not need to be a problem. In my experience the airport staff I have encountered have been very helpful and patient. The terminal one building itself is very bright, spacious and airy. Everything is very clearly marked out in a selection of languages, generally English, Korean and Chinese. The airport is very well serviced by trains, buses, shuttle buses and taxis.

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