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  • Saitama

    Cafe and Restaurant within Sayama Museum

    Price: 800 yen

    Sayama Muncipal Museum is a small museum within Inariyama Park. The café and restaurant is located beside the entrance to the museum. It is accessible from within the museum, but it also has its own door and an entrance from the park side too. The restaurant changed its name last year from Komorei, but it is still called that by many.

    The cafe is not particularly big, but it is comfortable and my favourite feature is the large floor to ceiling windows which afford a lovely view of the park. Most of the tables are positioned in such a way that they have a view of the park, as you can see in the picture with my daughter. Probably their most popular item is the kaki-kori, a typed of shaved ice dessert flavoured with syrup. They have ice-cream too. Their menu is quite lmited, but I thought the food was rather nice. They have children's meals too. They are a little on the small side, but easy for children to manage. The rice was served as rectangle shaped origami with nori on the underside and furikake sprinkled on top. I think the kids meals are best suited to younger children or children that don't have a great appetite. My preschoolers and toddler really enjoyed their meals. 

    The parking is the same as the parking for the museum, which is right beside the restaurant. Parking is free. Spaces are quite limited so it is not uncommon to have to wait for a parking space to come free. The restaurant is open from 10 am to 4.45 pm, Tuesday to Sundays. Closed Mondays and the fourth Friday of the month. 


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