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  • smallbigjapan

    Cute Hedgehogs and Coffee

    So this is a unique new  craze that has started in Japan. Hedgehog cafés. I first had about this café about a year ago. I thought how on earth are they going to keep non-native animals in Japan awake during the day so that visitors can come and play with them. So several months ago I decided to pay a visit to this café.

    I must admit that I was surprised.  I arrived at the café and I went inside. It was small and crowded. The hedgehogs what encouraged by the staff to sleep during the day anyway. The hedgehogs that were awake were  being played with the customers. The staff ensured that the hedgehogs took proper breaks.

    The  nicest thing about this café  is that if you want to you can take your own drink. They do serve free drinks at their self service by.

    It is quite fun to play with the hedgehogs. You have to follow the instructions. However, you can enjoy the whole time that you have with one hedgehog.

    Believe it or not, they also sell these hedgehogs as pets! Only in Japan will they ever think of keeping hedgehogs as a pet. It is a little pricey to buy a hedgehog as a pet, but they do go through everything with you that you need to know first if you were to buy one.

    Another nice treat this café has is that the staff is bilingual, so if you are coming from an English-speaking country, you should be absolutely fine. In order to attend the café, you have to pre-book in advance via the website. If you are more than 10 minutes late, then they automatically cancel your appointment. They then gave your place to somebody who is waiting to go inside.

    The quietest days at during the week Monday to Friday. Saturday and Sunday and national holidays all get extremely busy. 


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