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  • Macky

    Artisan shopping resource in unlikely Akihabara

    2K540 AKI-OKA Artisan is an 'artisan' shopping arcade located under trains tracks that link Akihabara with Okachi-machi.  It's easy to find from either station, just follow the tracks!

    I felt like 2K540 AKI-OKA is really one of those places that you go to browse, and feel like you're more cultured that the mob who are charging into Yodobashi Camera just down the road.  I mean, there's nothing here that you actually want, let alone need.  

    It makes for a pleasant stroll though.  Despite being limited to the width of the train tracks above, the 'arcade' feels spacious and airy.  Actually, it should be airy, as the entrances to AKI-OKA are all open, so in winter this isn't a place to escape the cold!  

    There are some interesting stores here, arty and crafty stuff, where you might find yourself tempted into picking up a few bits and bobs, probably in the form of trinkets to kit out your abode.  There are some interesting places to eat, too, including a cafe that sell pancakes (which is the reason why we paid a visit).  However, the queues for the 'pancake place' were too long, so we gave up on that. 

    So, in terms of shopping expect lots of traditional fabrics, patterns, woods, jewellery, and the aforementioned bits and bobs for the home.  Most of the stores here are small, and the potential for kids to pick, prod, and knock stuff off shelves, I would say, is high.  Better to keep a close eye on them if you're coming with the family.  

    There are toilets at AKI-OKA, and of course, all the chaos and convenience of Akihabara nearby.  

    As for the name, 2K540 AKI-OKA Artisan, the number bit if 'railway' parlance for the distance from Tokyo Station; 2 km 540 m.


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