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  • JTsuzuki

    on Aug 23

    Fun and Interesting Souvenirs

    If you're looking for a good variety of handicrafts from the Miyagi area as well as a a great, interesting postcard selection, look no further than Shimanuki. This chain of souvenir shops has two store locations near Sendai station, with the other being located directly under the station itself on the basement level. The larger of the two stores is located a few blocks away in the shopping arcade, across from the largest Daiso within walking distance of Sendai station.

    The front of the shop usually displays seasonal goods while inside and to the left you will find a selection of stationary and further on, a fair and fun selection of postcards for Sendai and Miyagi, specializing in Tanabata, Date Masamune (Samurai founder of Sendai city), and famous sights around town.

    To the right, shelves are filled with laquerware and wooden handicrafts, usually at quite a price though the craftsmanship makes it worth the money. Past the few remaining shelves of cheaper, cheesier souvenirs, a massive variety of kokeshi doll await. The range of sizes and shapes us impressive, but just as with the other fancier handicrafts, these wooden dolls don't come cheap.



〒980-0811 宮城県仙台市青葉区一番町3丁目1−17

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