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  • Tomuu

    on Jul 26

    Used-car dealership in Adachi, Tokyo

    When it came to buying a new car in Japan, our criteria was limited; used, K-car, and a budget which I don't want to write down here.

    After visiting a bunch of used-car dealerships in the Adachi area, we came upon U-CAR谷在家, a Daihatsu dealer.

    They had a decent selection of motors in our price range.  

    When you pull up to these places in a car, they usually have one or two spaces available for visitor, or they may even park the car for you.

    We were greeted by a really friendly worker here who showed us around some of the motors that they had available.  Now, this was all conducted in Japanese, and I don't think anyone here has the ability to speak English or any other language (and that's probably not their target), but if you can come with someone Japanese, I feel that you'll find the people here helpful and friendly.  At no point did I feel they were applying pressure on us to buy.  We were free to have look around, and inside, the cars that they had available.  They switched on engines for us, and explained the finer points of each car that we enquired about.  No test driving was available (as far as I could tell).  

    When we finally decided to purchase, there was a mountain of paper work to get through.  Staff here were helpful in getting us through this, and stayed in touch throughout the process.  This dealership also took our old car off our hands for us for a minimal fee, where other dealers charged a lot more (our old motor was not worthy for sale, before you ask).

    With the form filling and payment, they were pretty relaxed, accepting a very small deposit.  Coffee and biscuits were served in the building every time we had a 'sit down'.  

    We bought our car just before the New Year period, and due to holidays, had to wait until early January to pick it up.  We were in no hurry though, and a think at a 'normal' time of year, they might have had the car ready within a couple of weeks.

    In terms of the state of the new 'used' car, they cleaned it up nicely, and threw in a few freebies (rear view mirrors etc).  

    Overall, this dealership created a really smooth, pressure-free experience for us so I'd recommend them if you're with someone Japanese.  If not, better head somewhere else.

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on Jul 26