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  • genkidesuka

    on Sep 20

    Minamiuonuma's Bakery that Offers Bread and Heart

    Japan's large bread manufacturers offer decent bread products at even more decent prices, so oftentimes you'll ask yourself, "Why go to mom-and-pop bakery?" It's not like Yamazaki, Pasco, or the other pastry companies can't sell you pre-packaged versions of just about everything you'd find at a mom-and-pop bakery. And then there's the big chain bakeries like Vie de France that are always large with huge varieties of products. Why choose a smaller shop that doesn't offer as many options? My answer is simple: it's about heart, and Minamiuonuma's Bakery Basel has loads of it. Located one road back from Urasa station (about a 5 minute walk), this mom-and-pop bakery is modest. The shop is relatively small with plain white shelves, but they still managed to pack those shelves with about 20 different bread and pastry options. And wow, those options were unique: a chocolate-dipped red bean-filled donut; a hazelnut chocolate danish; animal-shaped chocolate- or cream-filled breads; curry pan; and many more. Basel also sells delicious loaves of bread in different varieties. Best of all, they bake it all fresh in the morning, so when the shop opens at 10:30, what you see is what was baked, and it is all delicious (and all reasonably priced)! The best part about Basel is the Pan-ya-san, the baker/operator of the store. We're new to the neighborhood and she welcomed us as if we were already part of her family. I try not to get overly sentimental with food, but I do think you can taste when whoever made the dish put their heart and soul into it, as opposed to some machine churning out products at max efficiency with the cheapest ingredients. It's those things made with heart that always give you the most satisfaction, I think. So I highly recommend Bakery Basel if you are in Minamiuonuma, whether it's for a treat or for everyday staples. We'll be going back again ASAP.



1630 Urasa, Minamiuonuma, Niigata Prefecture 949-7302

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