Ogimachi Park

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  • City-Cost

    on Sep 28

    A run down bit of space near Osaka/Umeda Stations, but at least you can stretch out

    You can walk to Ogimachi Park (扇町公園) from the Umeda / Osaka Station area.  Provided you can find your way out of those stations smoothly, you could arrive at the park in 10 mins or so.  Not that there's a compelling reason to come here.  Ogimachi Park has seen better days, and could really do with a once over from a team of gardeners.

    The park circles around a bit of 'ground' and an outdoor swimming pool.  It kind of has the feel of a baseball stadium the way it banks up from the center.  There are path ways around the edge and one or two benches to sit on (not enough).  The paths look like they might make for a good jogging course.

    The whole park is dominated by the looming presence of the Kansai TV Building in the north east corner.  It's in the shadows of this massive structure that you'll find a kids play area and, at the time of visiting, some climbing walls (no indication of how one can use them though).  There are some useful sightseeing maps for first-time visitors to this part of Osaka, and some toilets.  There looks to be a cafe in the TV building with tables and chairs set outside, facing the park.

    The nearest station is Ogimachi some of the exits of which will spill you out directly into Ogamachi Park.

    Definitely not somewhere to go out of your way for (unless you're interested in the Kansai TV Building), but a place to stretch out if needed.

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