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  • Tomuu

    A shopping center with all the shops but little of the fun

    You can find shopping mall SUNAMO about a 5-mins walk from Minami-sunamachi Station (Tozai Line).

    As shopping malls go it's got enough of the shops one would need to get by; UNIQLO, a bookstore, stationary shop, MUJI, Lush, drug store, food court, AEON supermarket.  The list goes on.  It must also be an important resource for a station area that has almost no distinct features.  

    To be brutally honest, this is the kind of place I hate to spend a Sunday afternoon.  It's very much full of families, but when the idea of quality family time is to spend hours/a day in a place like this, it makes me not want to start a family.  There's little reason to go out of one's way to come here, but if you're in the area and in need of a UNIQLO or some warm air conditioning, then maybe it'll do.

    SUNAMO does have a few interesting restaurants on the 4th floor, which is also where you'll find the food court.

    Maybe I've been a bit harsh with this review.  SUNAMO is spacious, clean, warm, and has a range of stores, but on a personal level, it just isn't for me.


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