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Cat Café MoCHA Harajuku

Avg: 1200 yen
Cat Café MoCHA HarajukuCat Café MoCHA HarajukuCat Café MoCHA HarajukuCat Café MoCHA HarajukuCat Café MoCHA Harajuku


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  • YokoLostinJapan

    Cat Café MoCHA Harajuku

    Price: 1200 yen

    Cat Café MoCHA is a cat café branch which already has opened three cafés in Tokyo. The one in Harajuku started it's business in March 2016 and so it was finally time to visit.

    The inside of the café is pretty stylish and makes the different to the most "normal looking" cat cafés all over Japan. In the middle you find a wooden tree where cats can climb. More fancy are the "birdcages" around on the ceiling which are perfect for the cats to view the costumers but not be touched. The café has many comfortable places to sit down and relaxe. From the window you even have a nice few to Harajuku station.

    About the cats. There are around 18 cats at the café, some of them are even kittens and all are pretty cute. They seem to feel well in their environment. One of the stars is the Persian cat Gumi who's always making a grumpy face.

    The price system is pretty easy: ¥ 200 for 10 minutes. So if you stay for an hour you have to pay ¥ 1200. For another ¥ 350 you can get as much softdrinks as you want. Cat food will cost ¥ 500, but gives you the attention of nearly all the cats at once.

    The café is only a stone's throw away from JR Harajuku station, situated at the 4th floor of the building next to GAP. So you can reach there in less then one minute. Being at such a popular place also means it's mostly pretty crowded... That's where my negative point comes from.

    When I was there, around half of costumers where foreigners. A few staff members can speak some English.


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