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Kyoko Kurihara, Wakaba Branch

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  • Saitama

    Friendly, chatty staff, casual and relaxed hairdressers, more like the ones at home

    Price: 10000 yen

    I have tried many local hairdressers over the years, never quite finding one in this area that suited me. I visited Kyoko Kurihara for the 5th time on Friday and I am ready to commit as a loyal customer!  I was their first (and currently only) foreign customer, but they have adapted really well. 

    The hairdressers was recommended to me by a Mom at my children's preschool. One of the selling points is that they have a nursery room for children. It is separate to the hairdressers, but in the same building, so it affords Moms the opportunity to relax and enjoy the experience.  It is a small hairdressers. They only have 4 chairs for cutting / styling / colouring, 4 wash basins and between 3 to 4 staff on a given day. I think there is a total of 5 staff. The first thing that struck me was the relaxed, friendly and comfortable atmosphere. There is also a noticeable rapport between the staff. I like that they are able to chat with clientele and among themselves, while maintaining a professionalism. The head hairdresser / shop manager has cut my hair 4 out of 5 times. He was able to follow my direction and give me the cut I wanted. He also had no problem not using the Japanese thinning scissors on my request. They don't use the face covers when washing your hair, which I personally prefer. They offer a head and shoulder massage after washing your hair, I recommend trying it. Its brief, but does the trick. Their treatments are very good. One of the stylists, Mami, speaks very good English.

    The hairdressers is very close to Wakaba station, less than a minute walk, on the first floor of an apartment building. They have free parking out the back. You have to walk up a small alleyway from the car park to the front of the hairdressers, but its quite easy to find. They have a beauty salon and nail parlour around the corner from the hairdressers. They have a good point system for both.


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