Home Center Musashi - Sendai Izumi Branch ホームセンタームサシ 仙台泉店

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  • MamaKiyota

    on Oct 28

    Lacking in variety when considering the size.

    Home Center Musashi is one of the major home improvement chains in Japan. Much like your average home center, they offer household goods, cleaning supplies, home improvement items, small appliances, and a variety of other home related items. This particular branch of the store is quite large but is surprisingly lacking in variety. The variety of products available is comparable to many of the smaller stores. Prices aren't exactly competitive in my opinion either. I wouldn't say that they are expensive, but definitely not cheap either. 

    While you can probably find what you're looking for, the layout of the actual store is a bit messy and cluttered. The shelves are all low so accessing products is easy but due to this, the store seems a lot larger than it really is.

    On the positive side, The store does have pets and a grocery section. Since the store isn't near downtown Sendai, the parking is also plentiful. The gardening center is also quite large and has a variety of plants available. 

    This wouldn't be my first home center choice but it will do in a pinch!

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