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  • Saitama

    Halls and event space in unique building in rural Yoshimi

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    Fresa Yoshimi Town Hall is one of a few municipal office buildings in Saitama with interesting architecture.  It is a very conspicuous building and has become somewhat of a landmark in Yoshimi town. You can notice the building from miles away, even though it is only a few storeys high, due to the unusual structure.

    I am not sure how much of the town's administration is actually carried out in this center as there is sight nor sign of administrative desks when you walk into the building. It is obvious, however, that it is a great resource for locals as it has a number of rooms, halls and spaces that can be used for events and classes. There is an information desk in the foyer with an information stand nearby. There are a number of brochures and information leaflets for the town of Yoshimi there, that you can take for free. At the top of the building they have an observation area with great panoramic views of the town below. Sometimes if a class is being held there you can't access the main viewing area. There is also an area on the floor below that affords good views too. There are tables and chairs in different areas where you can sit down and relax or work at. The first floor has a gallery of local art. The gardens are immaculately kept and in the winter they have seasonal illumination which is popular with locals. 

    The center is open for use from 9 am to 9.30 pm Tuesday to Sunday, closed on Mondays except when it is a public holiday, then they close the following day instead. The reception area in the center is open from 9 am to 5.15 pm.


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