Ricco gelato

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  • BlueButterfly

    on Jun 12

    Great gelato Ice cream at Rocco from Okinawa

    Ice cream from Okinawa in Tokyo? Yes that is possible. The Ricco gelato ice cream store just opend at the east side of Tokyo a few minuts away from Monzen Nakacho station. It is a small store but you can sit outside on a small wooden bench and enjoy the flair of the area.

    Their ice cream is really good and fruity. They have many diffrent kind of ice cream especially from okinawa. They chance their variety depending on the season. Also their corn/waffle is selfmade. My recommendation is blood orange it is very sour and bitter at the same time. You really feel like eating a really blood orange.

    The price for around 500 Yen is a little bit high but you will really love it if you try it one time.

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