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  • Tomuu

    on Jul 26

    City/Ward office in Adachi-Ku, Tokyo

    I'm not an expert when it comes to reviewing city/ward offices in Japan.  In fact, they are never going to be fun places, are they?  Still, 'needs must' and all that.  I've needed to go to the ward office in Adachi-ku, many a time.  

    The first thing to note, as with many ward offices I imagine, the Adachi office is no where near a train station.  From Nishiarai Station (Tokyo Skytree Line) there are regular buses that depart outside of SATY for the ward office.  The journey is about 10 - 15 mins.  

    Adachi Ward Office has plenty of parking if you're driving there.  It's free, too (if you get your parking ticket stamped by someone in the office).

    The facility itself is large, looks quite new (I don't know), and is not totally off-putting.  There is also a rather funky coffee stand in the spacious lobby.  

    Mostly, I used the desk that deals with 'foreigners'.  I've never had anyone able to speak to me in English, but I've always been dealt with with consideration and clarity.  Also, I've never really had to wait too long here (except for the time I got married, which took ages).  

    You'll find plenty of leaflets here explaining various facets of Adachi-ku in English, and other languages.  There are plenty of vending machines, perfectly passable toilets, and a smoking area.  

    The people at the reception desk have always been helpful to me (although I've never tested their English level).  

    As will all offices like this, you have to be a the right counter (and there are a lot of them at the Adachi office), where you then take a number ticket, and wait.  Actually, in the Adachi office, there is a fair bit of space to wait around, and usually seating is available, even if it means going and taking a seat in another section.  

    Once you're done, buses are available right outside the entrance, as well as taxis.  It's possible to walk back to Nishiarai Station if you know the way.  I'd say it'll take 30 - 40 mins.

    Be sure to check out the Adachi-ku homepage, as it has quite a bit of information in English and other languages.

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