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  • City-Cost

    on Jun 19

    Small, no frills airport that is easy to negotiate

    Nagasaki Airport (長崎空港 - IATA code NGS) sits on a flattened island in Omura Bay about 18km north of Nagasaki train station in the city.  Nagasaki Airport is an international travel hub handling flights to / from Seoul (Incheon) and Shanghai (Pudong).  Domestic flights depart for / arrive from - Tokyo (Haneda), Osaka (Itami and Kansai), Kobe, Nagoya (Chubu), Okinawa (Naha), Goto-Fukue, Iki, and Tsushima.  

    This is a small airport so departing passengers needn't worry about long walks or bus rides between terminals and departure areas.  Nagasaki Airport has three floors.

    Check in for departures, both international and domestic, is on the first floor.  Here you'll find a 7-11 convenience store, an udon restaurant and a Chinese restaurant.  The check zones are pretty spacious and at the time of visiting (a Monday afternoon) not particularly busy.

    Security gates (domestic and international) are on the second floor.  Things are a little busier here as most of the floor space is packed pretty tightly with souvenir shops.  In this sense, if you forget to buy your castella souvenirs in downtown Nagasaki, rest assured you will have plenty to choose from at the airport.  There are a couple of restaurants up here and perhaps more importantly, a Starbucks Coffee.  Space is so tight pre-security gate that the second floor really isn't a place where departing passenger will be able to kick back and relax.

    Interestingly, there is a ticket machine on the second floor selling train tickets for Tokyo Monorail / Keikyu trains from Haneda Airport in Tokyo.  

    Again, on a Monday afternoon, going through the security at Nagasaki Airport was smooth and quick.  

    In the departure area there is a bit of a convenience store, but it would be better to use the 7-11 on the first floor.  If you are the kind of person that wants to change into warmer clothes to deal with airplane air conditioning, the toilets after security are much bigger and better for this.  We seem to recall seeing a smoking room in the departure area.

    The third floor of Nagasaki Airport is an observation deck.

    Arriving at Nagasaki Airport was a breeze.  Arrivals are plugged right into the first floor where you can find phone chargers (for a fee), a currency exchange machine, and free WiFi.  Most importantly perhaps is the information desk that can provide guidance on how to get to Nagasaki (the city).

    Most stores and restaurants at Nagasaki Airport shut by 21:00 (except 7-11 which is open until 22:00).

    Getting to / from Nagasaki Airport

    We used a highway bus to get from Nagasaki Airport to downtown Nagasaki.  Buses pick up / drop off right outside arrivals.  Just as you go out of the arrivals door, on your left you'll find ticket machines for these buses.  The one-way fare to downtown Nagasaki is around 9,00 yen (cheaper if you're buying more than one).  At the time of our visit there was a bus attendant on hand to help out with purchases and get people on the buses.  

    Airport buses take around 40 mins to reach central Nagasaki using the expressway.  We alighted at Nagasaki Shinchi which is good for hotels near to Glover Garden, the Holland Slope and Dejima.  The bus continues on to Nagasaki Station.  Expect three or four buses an hour into Nagasaki.

    There are also buses from Nagasaki Airport to Huis Ten Bosch - 56 mins / 1,250 yen

    Nagasaki Airport has a ferry terminal which can take travellers to Huis Ten Bosch - 50 mins / 1,960 yen

    A taxi from Nagasaki Airport to downtown Nagasaki has a standard fare of around 10,000 yen (using the expressway).

    Overall, this traveller found Nagasaki Airport to be a smooth and simple experience.  It's only a small operation though so don't get here super early expecting to explore all the services / facilities as you bask in the romanticism of travel.  This isn't a major international hub and is really just clean and functional.



〒856-0816 Nagasaki Prefecture, Omura, Mishimamachi, 593

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