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  • Saitama

    Baby, Family, Wheelchair user friendly well thought out mall

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    Of all the malls I have ever been to in Japan, this is the only one where I have seen a diaper changing area for parents who use wheelchairs. The whole mall is particularly wheelchair friendly and it is definitely one of the most family friendly malls in the whole of Saitama.

    They have a great free space on the second floor for families. It has a baby area with everything you could need to look after a baby on a shopping day out. Beside it there is a play area, also free, for young children. They even offer free parental and medical guidance for families with young children one day a week. They hold a host of family events, usually on weekends. They have a number of family toilets and toilets for children throughout the mall. They even have a decent sized outdoor playground that is very popular with locals and shoppers alike. In terms of shops, the choice is fairly standard with a fair selection of clothes, shoes, baby and accessory shops and quite a few restaurants and eateries. Ito Yokado is the main grocery store. It does have a plus size shop which is popular with tall and/or larger sized women in the Saitama area. However, it is not a huge mall, so if you want to go on a major shopping spree it might not be the place for it. 

    It opens 10 am to 9 pm seven days a week. The nearest train station is Ageo and it is actually quite a distance away, but there are buses that connect the two. Parking is all outdoors and there is plenty of it. There are parking spaces for wheelchair users and lower mobility shoppers. There are also parking spots for pregnant women. Parking is free. Ageo's kodomo no shiro, one of the largest free play centres in Saitama is only a 5 minute walk away. 


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