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  • helloalissa

    on Sep 4

    Fancy Mom Cafe, Gran Mama

    Gran Mama is a high end 'fancy mom cafe' that I went to last week. It's a comfortable place to meet friends or even work – they have free wi-fi and power outlets.

    It's quite spacious – with a lobby that leads into the bakery on the right and a good sized seating area, with patio seating available. There is plenty of parking available, but the bike parking area wasn't obvious as no one else rode a bike there. The restroom space is even really fancy with a fake atruim.

    Gran Mama is a bakery but they advertise soup and sandwiches, with plenty of set options, so it works as a light meal restaurant. There is even some kind of all you can eat bread drink set in the morning. (I think this is just for the variety of flavored sliced bread, not the fancy bread.) 

    There is a little Japanese sweets / omiyage packaged products, plus a section of dried nuts and fruits, and flours for baking at home.

    The bakery items are on the fancy end and prices start at 160 yen per item. We can find the usuals like anpan and walnut bread with a few special items like mentai France and fig and oat bread. Drip coffee is available.

    As the customers here are mostly women, Gran Mama is child friendly with a small play area and special dishes and silverware for kids. When I went, there were no kids there and it was really peaceful other than a few people chatting - I don't remember them playing music at all.

    Gran Mama is on “Bridgestone Dori” close to JR Kurume Station.

    I'm not sure if I'll go often, but Gran Mama is close to one of my lessons, so it's not a bad place to hang out for a couple hours (compared with one of my other options, Joyful).



393 Sasayama machi, Kurume-shi, Fukuoka-ken 830-0021

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