Gontran Cherrier Tokyo

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  • helloalissa

    on Nov 30

    How do you say "Fantastic!" in French?

    On the first floor of Parco, this boulangerie caught my eye. It was crowded, but this is standard at almost 5pm in Tenjin. The pastries looked beautiful and I noticed they were all labeled primarily in French, with Japanese a bit smaller, and No English. This is kind of fun, a sort of guessing game where if I didn't understand the French I could check the Japanese. Once I saw the ham and avocado focaccia, I had decided where I was having dinner.

    I was so tempted to try the towering Mont Blanc, but it was too absurd to enjoy alone, plus I was feeling more savory. The apple pies and other sweet pastries all looked amazing but I was satisfied with my choices. In addition to the "Focaccia l'avocat et lardons," an extremely filling avocado bacon focaccia, I picked out a kabocha mushroom curry roll, "Pain au curry de saison avec potimarron et champignons." It looked like a work of art and tasted equally awesome. They really got the flavors right and used seasonal ingredients.

    The prices were high, but the quality surpasses the 100 yen bakeries and even standard chains I've tried. I skipped a drink as it wasn't necessary – but standard bakery prices for coffee and tea (about 350 yen for coffee). The croissants are on the large side, not bad at 180 yen each. They looked extremely flaky and shiny and I witnessed several people taking a bag full of them to go. Looking forward to trying the Mont Blanc next time, maybe as a to go order. 

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