Sweets Paradise

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  • MamaKiyota

    on Oct 1

    Sweets Paradise - Sendai Parco

    Sweets Paradise is just what it sounds like, if you're looking for a variety of Japanese quality cakes.

    Sweets Paradise has an all you can eat style buffet of cakes, pasta, soft serve ice cream, and a few other side items including fried potatoes and salad. If you pay extra, you also gain access to gellatto and a variety of flavors of ice cream. Surprisingly, the pasta may be their best asset. The cakes flavor, much like most Japanese cake shops, is a bit mild, at least in my opinion. I much prefer the richer, sweeter cakes in the US but Sweets Paradise is a great place to test out a variety of flavors.

    The pasta on the other hand is made with raw pasta, so it's not just your average "boil and serve from a package" pasta. They have over 5 varieties of pasta that are on a rotation. As one runs out, a new flavor will replace it. I may have enjoyed the pasta more than the sweets.

    The atmosphere of the restaurant is nice. It's a very cute place, popular with girls and children. There is no English support at this particular restaurant. The cake and pasta labels are in Japanese so may be only for the fluent or those with Japanese friends, or maybe the adventurous types.



〒980-8484 Miyagi Prefecture, Sendai, 青葉区中央1−2−3 仙台パルコ

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