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Otobaru Taki 乙原滝

img_0216_20395074972_oimg_0214_20409840351_oimg_0215_20215483840_oimg_0218_20215621460_oimg_0223_20377282056_o7807509524_9c444a07a4_oThe statue in front of Beppu Station


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  • helloalissa

    A Waterfall in Beppu

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    Right in the city and not a very strenuous hike at all, this is a nice getaway into nature. (It is sort of all around you in Beppu, but still.) A small stone carved statue hangs out near the waterfall, looking over things. We could get close to the water and enjoy the falls. There are two parts, the tallest with water falling from 60 meters and one part is from 30 meters. 

    We had a nice relaxing time and it's beautiful. Not quite hot enough to jump into the water, but it's very cool just being next to the spray coming from the falls.

    From Beppu station, we took the bus to Rakutenchi bus stop (about 15 minutes) and walked 20 minutes to the waterfall trail entrance. You can see a small Ferris wheel ride at Wonder Rakutenchi - an Amusement Park. You'll walk under the Oita expressway (huge arching bridge) and a short mostly level hike to the waterfall. You might see a lot of cats in the neighborhood and onsen steam rising along the way like I did. (Or you might get chased by a bee most of the time on the trail, like I did.)

    I hear there's parking available near Otobaru River and a bridge to view the waterfall. Not sure if that's the Expressway bridge it's talking about or somewhere else, but supposedly a 15 minute walk from the falls. I would try parking at or near the theme park or in nearby neighborhoods. It's not too far from the station either - looks like less than 3 kilometers to the theme park, so it's possible to walk to the waterfall in less than an hour each way.


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