Sumida river terraces and athletic park

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  • Crazydeath

    on Aug 16

    Sumida river terraces and athletic park - Best jogging course

    Tokyo is the perfect place to do sports outside. Everywhere around the riversides you can find small sports ground for soccer or Baseball. Also those places are perfect for jogging or inline skating (not all parts are good for inline skating). One of my favorite spot for jogging is the Sumida river terraces.

    The riverside terraces on either side of the Sumida River are great stretches for jogging and walking. On some parts it is even allowed to go there by bicycle, but please watch out the signs.
    You can start your tour at the Azuma Bridge just right next to the very popular Asahi Building in Asakusa or at the Kachidoki bridge close to Tsukiji and Kachidoki Station. The approx. 8 km walk leads through 16 bridges like the Komagata brigde, Ryogoku bridge, Sumidagawa bridge and the very beautiful Eitai bridge. The route is mostly paved, but sometimes there is even a prepared race track where you can practice short track. The route passes numerous monuments: the memorial stone of the former Asakusa Bunko, the Basho Museum, the founding place of the Bank of Japan, the Ryogoku Sumo arena etc.

    Especially in the evening the jogging course is very popular. No worries even it is dark the whole terrace area has bright lights and also some security patrol. You don´t have to be scared that something could happened.  There are also enough benches and small water drinking fountain on the whole way. Perfect if you need some rest.

    When you are crossing the Eitai bridge you should make a small stop and enjoy the beautiful night view from the bridge to the Island Tsukishima with it´s amazing tower hills. During your run you can also see many small Japanese style party boats, which are very beautiful in the evening. Jogging along the banks of the river you can enjoy the special atmosphere of the Sumida River.

    If the long run from Kachidoki to Asakusa along the Sumida river is not long enough, you can also use the chance to go to the small athletic park at the Sumida Park just next to the Azuma Bridge behind the big ferry cruise house.  The Athletic park is part of the big playground but also adult can use it for some training. It is really a nice place for practice your athletic skills. You can climb, hang and swing or just jump around the climbing frame.  It is also very popular around kids to do a small running competition there.

    On the other side of the Sumida river, just across the Azuma Bridge, is the second part of the Sumida park. You will find some nice sports equipment for stretching or practicing your balance.
    The Sumida river terrace is the perfect place for some work out. Also it is totally free, you don´t need to pay anything (like in a gym) and you can enjoy the fresh air or the nice views around the riverside. There are even different jogging groups, who are running that course a few times per week.



04-0045 Tokyo, Chuo, Tsukiji, 六丁目

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