Cup Noodles Museum

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  • genkidesu

    on Sep 20

    A really fun (and interactive) museum experience

    Sometimes when you think museum it can be easy to think dull and boring - but the cup noodles museum in Yokohama is anything but that. It's a bit of a quirky idea for a museum, describing the history behind the humble cup noodle...but it's actually rather fascinating. One of the most enjoyable things to me about the museum was the "make your own cup noodle" experience. You get to sit at tables that have all manner of colored markers, and you decorate the styrofoam noodle cup however you'd please - and then you get to pick out the noodle toppings you'd like to include. Super fun and unique for adults and kids alike! As for other eats, they have a Noodle Bazaar here - think of it like a food court tribute to noodles from around the world. From Italian pastas to Vietnamese Pho and everything in between, it's a noodle loving paradise.

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