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  • Saitama

    Landscaped Park on the site of an historical castle

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    I visited on a blissfully sunny day, which may have influenced my impression of Maizurujo Park, but I found it to be very beautiful and serene. The grounds are an historical site and the park is on castle ruins. Some of the ruins have been reconstructed adding to the majesty and appeal of this park. 

    They have been gradually reconstructing the castle, which was destroyed during a fire. They refer to historical documentation and use age old techniques to accurately replicate the original castle from about 400 years ago. The hope is one day they will have replicated the original entirely. You can wander freely on the grounds. There are lots of steps as per the original castle. The gates are formidable and looking out on the city through the gates is invigorating. There is one that you can you see Mt Fuji through on a clear day.  There are lots of other look out points and walkways in the park with great views of the city and / or Mt Fuji. The lawns of the park are impeccable. There were plenty of adults walking the park or sitting in a quiet corner drawing or reading a book. It really added to the charm of the park. Kids might enjoy running around and exploring the nooks and crannies, but there are no facilities for children in this park. 

    The park is only 5 minutes from Kofu Station, it is well worth a visit. It was originally 20 hectares, but now there is only a part of it left and you could easily walk around it in half an hour if you are pushed for time. There is a route you can walk with a stroller or as a wheelchair user, but most of the park has a lot of steps.


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