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  • Kasajizo

    Battleship Island

    Price: 4000 yen

    Are you a fan of ghost towns? I certainly am. I have been intrigued by abandoned buildings, ruins and any type of place where people used to live and you can see signs of life even though it is not there anymore.

    That is why when I went to Kyushu, the must-go place was definitely Gunkanjima, or Battleship Island.

    I have seen countless (more than two!) documentaries about Gunkanjima and it is just such an interesting place. It was a bustling coal mining town in the 60s or 70s, but when the coal industry shrank, the company running the show decided to pack their bags and move back to the mainland.

    The people there abandoned the place so quickly, it still feels like someone lives there, sans all the rust and collapse.

    Of course you come there by boat. You are lead on a small tour on one side of the island and you can take pictures of the buildings from the outside. Unfortunately you cannot go inside anywhere on the normal tour, so you need to be satisfied with the outside. Oh well, it was still amazing.

    If you have nothing else to do in Nagasaki, and especially if you are a fan of abandoned buildings and a bit of history, I highly recommend Gunanjima. The tour itself only takes a few hours anyway. It really is unique.


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