NORO Parking Area (野呂)

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  • Tomuu

    on Jul 26

    Pleasant highway parking area in Chiba

    I often use this highway parking area, to get rid of trash that I've accumulated at the beach, after a surf.  

    It's not a large service station (I guess the highway that it's on, is not so popular), but it's a pleasant place to get some food, take a toilet break, and kick back for a bit, before heading back out onto the road.

    There are plenty of parking spots here, so you never have to worry about fighting for a space.  Out front is a kind of snack/ice cream kiosk, which is hardly ever open.  Inside, you'll find a small room, wall to wall with vending machines (drinks).  Next up it a kind of convenience store/souvenir shop.  It sells the usual sorts of snacks/onigiri/sandwiches, as will as boxes of local treats that people buy as souvenirs.  As will all highway parking areas in Japan, you've got to expect prices to be a few yen higher than they are in shops in the towns and cities. 

    After this shop, there is a kind of cafeteria sell hot foods and meals (expect lots of ramen, udon, Japanese set meals, and hot dogs).  There's a fair bit of space in here, so you should have no trouble finding a table.  On fine days, there are kind of park benches out front, under a shelter, if you want to sit outside and eat.

    The toilets here a pretty big and well kept (they even accommodate some swallow nests by the entrance, and have boxes laid out for them to aim there poop at, which is seems, they do, for the most part). 

    There's a smoking area (sheltered, but outside) at one end of the facility.  At the other, is a small garden/nature area furnished with what look like memorials for, I presume, local luminaries.  It's a nice touch, and helps contribute to the pleasant nature of this parking facility. 

    All this being said, NORO is still just a highway parking spot, so no need to come out of your way for it.  However, should you happen to be on the Tōgane road, to/from Chiba beaches, it's here, and it's nice.

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