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Softbank Higashimatsuyama Branch

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  • Saitama

    One staff offers full support

    Price: 8000 yen

    If there is one thing I learned over the years is that if you are not finding a member of staff helpful, move to another one (discreetly) or come back on another day! This is particularly true when it comes to phones in rural Japan. There is one female member of staff in the Higashimatsuyama branch who is particularly knowledgeable and helpful. The others leave a lot to be desired.

    There are pros and cons to every mobile phone service provider. One of the problems with Softbank is that you need to sign up for a minimum of two years. They aren't particularly cheap either. And two of the staff I dealt with in this branch, weren't particularly helpful either. However, K-san more than makes up for all their faults and the problems of signing with Softbank. She doesn't like to speak English, but I know she can read it well. I set my phone language to English and the other staff member switch it to Japanese whenever they are doing something on it, K-san leaves it in English and it is no problem to her. I think it is also because she is so knowledgeable about Softbank smart phones. I was told a couple of things weren't possible on my phone by other staff, then K-san showed me they were and how to do them. She also volunteers useful cost saving information and tips, which in my experience is rare for employees of mobile phone services. The most useful thing she shared with me is the free phone number for English support of Softbank mobile and smart phones. This branch, like most branches at this stage, has one of the Softbank robots. They have a small play corner.

    It is open 10 am to 8 pm, seven days a week. It is on a bus route. Parking is out the back of the shop and is free. 


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