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Peony Walk Mall

Avg: 500 yen
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  • Saitama

    Fairly decent selection of shops for a rural local mall

    Price: 500 yen

    Peony Walk in Higashimatsuyama is a relatively new mall. It used to be surrounded by rice fields, but in the last two to three years they have built housing estates on two sides as well as adding a retail park. Due to the selection of shops within the mall and the retail park, and the lack of malls in surrounding areas, it does have quite a constant flow of customers. 

    What I like about this local mall with a family feel is that it is easily accessible, with lots of free parking including wider car spots and priority parking for wheelchair users and lower mobility patrons as well as for pregnant women and those with small children. Inside the family friendliness continues with family toilets and rest areas, baby friendly shopping trolleys, free play areas for toddlers, and an area for small children to eat in the food court. There are a number of places you can change a baby's nappy as well as nursery rooms with a microwave  and burco. There is also a good selection of shops with baby or infant products and clothes. The malls corridors and aisles are wide and it is easy to navigate with a stroller. However, on the 2nd floor one side of the mall is carpeted and it is more difficult to push a shopping trolley in that section. The signature shop of the mall is Apita. They are a reasonably priced department store with ladies, mens, kids, babies, maternity, funeral and business wear and shoes as well as baby goods on the 2nd floor. They also have a supermarket and toy store on the first floor.

    The nearest train station is Tobu Tojo Line's Takasaka Station. There are buses that go from the station to the mall regularly during the day. 


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