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New Style by Village Vanguard



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  • MamaKiyota

    Great variety goods store!

    New Style is a new (at least around here) store by Village Vanguard. It's very similar but doesn't have books and manga like the main store does, even though the decorations in the store would lead you to think that they do. The have a lot of interesting items much like Village Vanguard but the focus seems to be on bags, small household items, with a few other items scattered in. They also have an unexpectedly large section of imported baby and children's goods. The thing that surprised me the most was the variety of Paci Friends available, these are usually quite difficult to find. They also have some really cute diaper bags and quite a variety of imported baby toys. 

    New Style is located inside of Aeon Mall Natori on the 3rd floor. There really isn't any English support in the store but all of the imported good do have their original English labels.


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