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  • YokoLostinJapan

    on Apr 24

    Strawberry Picking in Kofu

    If you take a look to Japanese supermarkets fruits are mainly very expensive. And because Japanese apartments are too small for growing your own vegetables and fruits, fruit picking became kind of popular.

    I visited Fujita 16 in Kofu city in the begining of March. At this farm they offer an all you can eat menu (食べ放題) for 30 minutes. Differing to the seasons it costs between ¥ 2000 and ¥ 1000 for an adult person, cheaper for children. You can find information about it on their website.

    The strawberries were very delicious - they had a great flavour and were super sweet. There were not many people, so we could use one row for our group of four people. We even got some condensed milk to dip in the strawberries. A really great experience!

    Note, that you are not allowed to take the strawberries home - you only should pick as many strawberries as you can eat right away. 

     Website: http://fujita16.com/strawberry_picking.htm




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