Villa Vanguard

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  • BlueButterfly

    on Oct 6

    Villa Vanguard - treasure hunting for old comic/anime stuff

    The store Villa Vanguard is like a little treasure hunting. That store has many diffrent products from old and new anime and also comic products from america. You can also find Disney, Snoopy or Moomin products. The store has new stuff but also very old products, that´s why it´s the perfect place if you are looking for some old products. They even have a bookcorner and you can also find stationary of cooking stuff (of course all character based). The interior of the store is kind of messy, that´s why you really have to search in every corner for what you want. It also means that you can find a good treasure. The store sales mostly old stuff, that´s why it´s not that reasonable but worth it. There are many Villa Vanguard stores in Tokyo, like one is also at the famous Tokyo Dome. Please check it out!

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