Sweets Fantasy Pacc'n Benibana

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  • BigfamJapan

    on Feb 15

    Video arcade with small but good play area for kids

    Sweets Fantasy Pacc'n is officially a video arcade, but is more like an amusement center to me. It is a large chain store and you often see one of their branches in rural malls, in Saitama anyway. This branch is one of the nicer ones. Like a lot of the branches in the Apita owned malls, it has a play center for children. The play center is charged by 20 minute segments. It is 300 yen for 20 minutes and you have to watch the time yourself and make sure you don't go over it. If you do go over the time they charge you extra. This branch's play center is quite small, but it is really nice for small children and they really love it. One of the most popular attractions is the room full of balloons. They also have a bouncing castle with a slide and some moving attractions. Twenty minutes is more than enough for any child over two and I wouldn't recommend here for a child over six. The rest of the center has a huge range of video games and machines that take coins, including slot machines. They have some coin operated rides that small children enjoy such as a mini-train and an Anpanman ride. The center is open from 10 am to 9 pm. Parking is free and shared with Benibana Walk mall parking. There are some spots outdoors including a rooftop car park. Below that rooftop parking is an indoor roof parking floor which is most convenient to the shops.

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