Grazie Gardens

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  • YokoLostinJapan

    on Dec 19

    Grazie Gardens with Pizza-All-U-Can-Eat

    On our small shopping tour on Sunday my husband and I ended up at a little Italian-looking restaurant close to the station Tamasakai (Keio-Line). The chain-restaurant Grazie Gardens (グラッチェガーデンズ) offers a lot pizza and pasta, but also other dishes like gratin, hamburger, steak and different side dishes.

    We mainly ended up there because of the ALL YOU CAN EAT PIZZA (ピザ食べ放題, pizza tabehoudai) which has an interesting way of serving. First you can decide if you want to have your Pizza Tabehoudai together with one main dish or two side dishes. I chose two side dishes (potaoes and corn-omlettes) and was already kind of filled up with this. My husband had pasta.

    But let's go to the pizza! One staff is always walking around with a pizza and giving it to the guest at their table. So she comes, asks you if you want Gorgonzola pizza and you can say yes or no. However, they are pretty quickly - you have a paper on you table. Show green if you want more pizza, show red if you want a break. I did serveral times to eat all my collected pizza pieces in peace.

    This menue goes with Drink bar and soup bar, so you will be definately rolling out of the restaurant. Price of the All-U-Can-Eat is 1,199 Yen (+tax) for one person - and this is pretty reasonable in my eyes.

    Grazie Gardens (グラッチェガーデンズ) is a chain restaurant, so you can find them at many places around Japan. Check out their offical website: http://www.skylark.co.jp/grazie_gardens/index.html

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